Still Here!

Well, I didn’t quite manage to get on here in February but I have maintained my New Year’s Resolution; Study Sunday is alive and well!

I have completed my setting of Christina Rossetti’s “Christmas Eve” with which I am very pleased. I gave it to some musical friends who had a good rummage through it and did not raised any concerns. Rather, they seemed to like it quite a lot which is encouraging! I also found time to create the artwork for the front cover and have described the process here.

I have also started learning how to write for my Android phone but am not yet at the point where I can do anything really creative. Many of the “Help” and “Guide” pages on the internet could be sued under the Trade Descriptions Act as help and guidance are the last things they provide. Either they assume knowledge of Java and other computing skills that I simply don’t have yet or they get you to write apps that are of little use and give no insight as to how one might actually create something worthwhile. Nonetheless, I shall persevere and hopefully over Easter will get to do make an app worthy of bothering to put on my phone.

In working towards my next novel (not that I have finished the first two!) I have been reading several history books and tried to find another on life in Roman Britain. Despite assistance from a very helpful man in Waterstones I have not found one.  I suggested I write one since there is clearly a gap in the market to which he replied that they would certainly stock it; another book to write!

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2 Responses to Still Here!

  1. Mr H says:

    Much of British Roman history has been rewritten in the last few years as recent archaeological findings are requiring a second look at lot of the sources especially Tacitus. I have now found some that sort of do the job but there is nothing to compare with Mortimer’s excellent book on the Mediaeval period.

  2. Chris says:

    I’m just starting to read Rosemary Sutcliffe’s trilogy on life in Roman Britain written ages ago – didn’t you read it at school? It starts with ‘The Eagle of the Ninth’ which has just been made into a film.

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