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Pat the Post meets Mack the Knife

Towards the end of February, I was much amused by a tweet¬†from mathematician Rob Eastaway: A quick rummage on the keyboard confirmed his find and that actually the basic tunes were very¬†similar. A quick moment in trusty old Sibelius helped … Continue reading

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Flutterby – A Butterfly Detector App

As a lover of Lepidoptera there is nothing more exasperating than walking down a leafy lane with a group of friends and someone says, “Oh, what was that butterfly? It looked sort of purpley,” but by the time you have … Continue reading

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Rob Eastaway’s Dinner Table Problem

An ever so very slightly embroidered recounting of the problem It is party time chez Eastaway as one of the nation’s favourite mathematicians Rob and his wife have invited six people round for dinner. The desserts have been cleared and … Continue reading

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Bugle Tapestry

Top news story! The very latest research has shown that the Battle of Hastings was in fact an act of revenge by William of Normandy for a custard pie attack by soldiers loyal to Harold Godwinson, self-styled King of Engeland. … Continue reading

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