Hello world!

So here we are in cyberspace at last!

Quite a struggle getting a blog presence as I fumbled my way through the complexities of mySQL and PHP only to find that my website ISP doesn’t deal in such esoteric new-fangled folderols. Instead I have had to piggy-back this on my son’s URL without quite getting round to asking yet!

What I find rather weird is getting my head round the idea that at the moment no-one will be reading this but in the future, people will indeed visit my humble blog, rummage their way back to this first post, hopefully nodding sagely at the pearls of wisdom they have encountered on the way, and find themselves at my first musings in the blogosphere.

I hope you have enjoyed getting here.

The Singing Hedgehog

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One Response to Hello world!

  1. The pearls you mention seem to come AFTER the swine in this first posting.

    Just thought you’d be gratified to know that at least one person read it all the way through!

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