Road to Aarhus

In nine months time I will have just finished competing in the triple jump at the European Masters Athletics Championships which next summer are being held in the town of Aarhus in Denmark. I will be on my way to London to watch my heroes perform the same discipline at the World Athletics championships at the Olympic stadium.

I had the pleasure of watching Christian Taylor win gold in 2012; there was other stuff going on too, some Bolt chappy and a lot of fuss and nonsense about an 800m race but I had come to watch the jumpers.


Leevan Sands showing triplejump is a risky event

David Rudisha breaks the 800m World Record

David Rudisha breaks the 800m World Record


Christian Taylor wins his first Olympic title


Usain Bolt wins the 200m again!

To be strictly accurate, the title should say road back to Aarhus as I visited the town and area on holiday with my parents more than forty years ago. However, from a sporting perspective, I have never competed there so in that sense it will be a new experience.

Eastern Masters finals at Bedford 2016

Eastern Masters finals at Bedford 2016

I have just passed my 50th birthday and so move into a new age category. Veteran or Masters athletics works in 5 year age brackets so at the end of this season I could have been be competing against men nearly five years younger than me. Next season I will be one of the younger men in the 50-54 section.

Some of the team events have even wider age ranges and there too I have finally stepped out of the 35-49 section into the 50-59 group.

Here I am competing for my club in the regional finals; the two men in the background were both still in their thirties – hardly fair!

Targets for the year

Base targets: TJ 11.50m, win medals at British Masters Indoors and Outdoors, compete in European Master Outdoors.

Extension targets: TJ 11.83m [minimum distance for all time rankings aged 50-54] Р12m+, be champion at British Masters Indoors and Outdoors, win medal in European Master Outdoors.

Jan 2018 update:

Well, I didn’t do too badly on my targets. I jumped 11.47m, won the¬†British Masters Indoors, came second at the Outdoors, and competed in a thunderstorm at the European Master Outdoors. As a bonus, my best jump, as well as being a personal best, placed me first in the country for my age. Roll on 2018!

Indoor Champion M50 TJ

Indoor Champion M50 TJ

Thunderstorm mid competition in Denmark!

Thunderstorm mid competition in Denmark!

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