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Revision and Exam Skills for Maths

GCSE or A-level versions available

A three point plan for revision and exam skills to help students achieve their best in forthcoming public examinations; serious content in a humorous wrapper.

"You gave an excellent examination session on each occasion and you made what might be a boring session come alive."

"Many thanks for coming in last week, myself and the students are very grateful for your time and excellent revision suggestions."


Maths Activities

A variety of activity sessions are available to enhance the curriculum and can be adapted for KS2 to KS4.

The Wonderful World of Primes [properties of number and algebra]

Stepping into Sequences [properties of number and algebra]

Using Napoleon to find Buried Treasure [angles and constructions]

How Random is Random? [probability and data handling]


Stress and Depression

for older pupils, staff and parents

An exploration of stress and depression for pupils and adults based on personal experience and enquiry, ranging from the nature and causes of depression to ways to mitigate and manage stress. Depending on nature of audience can cover self-harm, suicidal thoughts and side-effects of medication.

What's in that bottle?

Sports drinks & supplements

An exploration of diet and nutrition focusing on sports drinks and supplements that are readily available, from the point of view of a competing athlete, parent and science teacher looking both at the benefits and at the harm they can do to healthy children and adults. Depending on nature of audience can cover fatalities caused by legal supplements.


Maths Support

With many years as Head of Department, assistance is available for curriculum design, CPD/INSET, talks to parents


Timetable and Data Support

With much experience using SIMS and ISAMS, Nova and Timetabler, short or long term assistance is available


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