365 Project

I have decided to challenge my photography further by taking part in the 365 project. This means I shall be posting at least one picture a day for the whole of 2018. Full size versions of the pictures will be on my Flickr stream.

I thought I should get the project under way with astronomical images: moon set and sun rise for the start of a new year; the Flickr Group I am with have weekly topics; not surprisingly, that for the first week is “New Beginnings” which this image fits perfectly!

Moon Set and Sun Rise January 1st 2018

Moon Set and Sun Rise January 1st 2018

A miserable day for January 2nd; reflections in the patio, focusing on the background rather than the puddle.

Jan 2 Rain Reflections

Rain Reflections Jan 2

Winter Aconites are the first colour in our garden, heralding the start of spring.

Harbingers of Spring

Harbingers of Spring Jan 3

Cold, wet and miserable again on 4th January so I tried a stacked image of a raindrop. I used the camera to take 10 images within a narrow range of focus then combined then in a software package to create the final image.

Tree in a Raindrop - Jan 4

Tree in a Raindrop Jan 4

I wandered out very early this morning to try to catch the ISS as it went over but was a little late going out and couldn’t attach my camera to the tripod in the dark! I had to settle for a moon shot instead.

Moonshot Jan 5

Moonshot Jan 5

Cold and frosty start for Saturday 6th January. Found this feather frozen to an apple tree in the garden.

Jan 6 small

Frozen Jan 6

For the last image of the first week I was trying to get pictures in the garden but none of them came out as I had hoped. However, I had a ‘helpful’ assistant with me who kindly posed for this shot!

What's Up There?

What’s Up There? Jan 7

The topic for the second week is “About Me” so I thought I would start with a selfie in my ‘Man Cave’. It ended up being quite complex as I wanted to embed the original image in the computer screen then have a picture within the picture etc; this is called the Droste Effect.

SelSelSelfiefiefie Jan 8

SelSelSelfiefiefie Jan 8

One of my passions is gardening and particularly dark plants; these purple hellebores are providing an excellent show in the gloomy winter light.

Hellebores Jan 9

Hellebores Jan 9

Another very important part of my life is music whether singing, playing, composing or listening. I decided to go for a moody keyboard shot.

Jan 10 Small

Piano by Moonlight Jan 10

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