R2A – Training Diary

This is my diary of training in preparation for the 2017 season on the Road to Aarhus.

1st November 2016 or T minus 271: Track; Long Sprints – 2 sets of 180, 200, 220 walk back as rest, 5 mins between sets. Tight top left hamstring, sore calves.

T minus 270: Gym; Upper body circuit – 3 sets of 8 reps of 6 exercises. Back right lower intercostal sore.

Hop and Step

Hop and Step

T minus 269: Track; Running Through the Board part 3 – bounding from 9m board step-step-jump then hop-step-jump from 7m board short run up. Calves suing for divorce!

need to work on knee parallel to ground in all phases

T minus 266: Gym; 5x5x5 – 2 upper body and 1 core to failure, 2 unweighted leg.

T minus 265: Track(indoors); Bounds and Jumps – bounding drills; short run jumping exercises [focus on high knee] step – hop – jump, hop – hop – step – jump, hop – step – jump.

T minus 263: Gym; Complex training – drop and hold to low box to hurdle, box jumps, squats to 100kg plus upper body and core.

T minus 262: Track; Shorter sprints and bounding. Tight top left hamstring.

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