The Singing Hedgehog Guide to:
Ratio and Proportion 3

           Even with easy questions, set them out properly
           so that you are in good habits for the harder ones.

Alan and Bob have 28 smarties.
If they share them in the ratio 1:3
how many sweets does Alan get?

Start by setting out the question in a ratio form:

Alan  : Bob
1  : 3

Now write the number of portions next to the ratio:

Alan  : Bob
1  : 3 4

Next, put the number of smarties below the portions:

Alan  : Bob
1  : 3 4

Work out how to turn portions into smarties,
[times by seven] and do the same to the ratio:

Alan  : Bob
1  : 3 4
7  : 21 28

Finally, answer the question!

Alan gets 7 sweets.

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