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Probability 3 - Dice

Assuming we have a fair six-sided die [note that it is 1 die, 2 dice] h
ere are some probabilities relating to dice:

Chance of getting an even number3/6 = 1/2
Chance of getting a prime [2,3,5]3/6 = 1/2
Chance of getting a 51/6
Chance of getting a 70

Look out for the repeated value trap:
"If a fair die lands on 5, four times in a row, what is the chance of another 5?"
Dice do not have memories so the chance is simply 1/6; what went before is irrelevant. The same applies to a coin tossing question.

These can turn up in a tally question where you must relate the chances to the frequency chart. Here there is the dodgy dice trap: if the results suggest the die is not fair then say so. Do not ramble about "it is just luck" and other such pseudo-scientific nonsense! You can state that the sample size is low so it is not possible to say yet but that should be an additional comment rather than your main answer.
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