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Adding Fractions 2

Now we can try one with mixed numbers.

All we do is add the whole numbers separately then deal with the fractions.

Write the whole numbers on EVERY line - leave them out and you'll forget them.

Here is the sequence to follow:

 Write out the question
 Add the whole numbers

 Put down the LCM

 Do the "Not thinking very much at all" line

 Work out what has happened to the bottoms
 To turn 5 into 15 we times by 3

 To turn 3 into 15 we times by 5

 Now we just do the same to the top
 as we did to the bottom

times 3 by 3 to make 9

times 1 by 5 to make 5

 write in the top values

 add the tops

 don't add the bottoms!
(It just tells us the size of slice)

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